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Geno’s Play Grounds has a wide assortment of specialty coffee non-alcoholic beverages. Our cafes also have ATMs available.

Genos Play Grounds

Our Menu:


Expresso Bar
Hot – Frozen – Over Ice

Geno’s Mocha (White Mocha, Caramel)
Reg. $3.70          Large $4.05

Caffe Mocha (Gourmet Choc. – Milk, Expresso)
Reg. $3.65          Large $3.95

White Mocha (White Choc., Milk, Expresso)
Reg. $3.65          Large $3.95

Caffe Latte (Milk, Expresso)
Reg. $3.25          Large $3.65

Vanilla Latte (Milk, Expresso)
Reg. $3.55          Large $3.85

Cappuccino (Foamed Milk, Expresso)
Reg. $3.25          Large $3.65

Americano (Expresso, Hot water)
Reg. $1.90          Large $2.00

Fresh Brewed Coffee

House (Regular or Decaf)
Reg. $1.90          Large $2.00

Coffee Alternatives

Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Reg. $2.35          Large $2.75

Chi Tea
Reg. $3.25          Large $3.65

Iced or Hot Tea
Reg. $1.99          Large $2.29

Fruit Smoothie
Reg. $3.95          Large $4.55

Extra Shots

Flavor                 $0.75
Expresso             $0.75